Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Review

Rating : 7 stars out of 10
Sungkyunkwan Scandal  - a romantic comedy Korean drama to watch, which is filled with meaningful literature discussion, beautiful conversations and some comedy.  However, I often found myself fast forwarding some parts of the drama, which are long-winding and unnecessary plots.  You’ll probably do the same if you like only the romantic parts of the stories.

Favourite Scenes
Most of my favourite scenes are in Episode 16, after Sun Joon discovered that Joon Hee is a woman. 
After falling into water, Sun Joon rescued Joon Hee, and followed him to his house. She then changed into his shirt and was about to sleep in his room, while Sun Joon mentioned that he would sleep outside. Then, his buttler came in and asked Joon Hee to persuade Sun Joon to go back to Sung Kyun Kwan, and then locked the door, leaving them with only one bed and one mattress, since he still didn't know Joon Hee's real identity. A really romantic and funny scene is when the buttler mentioned that Sun Joon has been having trouble sleeping, eating and studying due to lovesick, as if his sole has been stolen away, right in front of Joon Hee, whom he has confessed his love to. It was so embarrassing for Sun Joon, while Joon Hee pretended that she didn’t hear the conversation.
Another really funny scene is when both Sun Joon and Jae Shin fight for sleeping position, with the intention to protect Yoon Hee, knowing that she is in fact a woman disguised as man. Both normally-decent-acting gentlemen looked so childish in the fight. And then, Goo Yong Ha came in to add into the mess (he wanted to sleep in the same room too) and solve the problem at the same time (Joon Hee would sleep in Yong Ha’s room.)  That was an awesome scene.

Another really romantic and funny scene is when Sun Joon tried to kiss Yoon Hee, and their hats are blocking the way. 

Then, Sun Joon did it right in the second attempt to kiss Yoon Hee.  It happened in a manual-operated lift.  In the lift, Yoon Hee fell into Sun Joon when the lift shook. After putting Yoon Hee to standing position, Sun Joon slowly remove Yoon Hee’s hat, then his own, before bending towards Yoon Hee to kiss her gently on her lips.  Aw…. So romantic indeed, watch this :


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