Women of the Sun - Sisters in Love – Review

Rating : 8 out of 10

Mainly, it is a story about two sisters. The plots were very well written -  exciting, thoroughly thought of, refreshing, and will keep anyone watching till the end.  There are not many romantic scenes, but there are plenty of love stories. Both sisters have their own men whom they love, and the men are just so perfect - extremely thoughtful, mature, intelligent and supportive.

Every scene is well planned and exciting.  I didn’t fast forward any scene, which is my normal impatient behavior when watching a Korean drama with scenes I disliked.

The actors and actresses are so beautiful and handsome in this movie, and they acted so well.

 It is really worth a watch ! 

My favourite romantic Scene

Ji Young in the drama
One of my favourite romantic scenes was when Ji Young and Joon Sae had a drink, and how Joon Sae realized that he made a mistake following his brain rather than his heart, when deciding on the woman he wanted to be with.  Joon Sae was a gentleman who kept his promise even if that went against his own will.  He still wanted to marry the woman he didn’t love since he promised her.  In this scene, he regretted over his decision.  Then, as Ji Young and Joon Sae walked in a underground tunnel, Ji Young again spoke openly about her feelings to Joon Sae.  Without a word, Joon Sae held Ji Young’s face, and kissed her.  He has rejected her so many times before this scene, hence his surprising act in this scene was so captivating !

Joon Sae in the drama

The Most Touching Scene

As an adopted daughter, Do Young (below) was so unloved by her foster mother, and she craved of her mother's love so much to the extend that she did many wrong things in her life.  Before she committed suicide in the second last episode, her last words were that she were so sorry, she was just so"greedy" of her foster mother's love. That was the saddest and most touching scene.  She deserves an acting award for her excellent act in his drama.

Do Young in the drama

Be prepared to cry to your heart's content in this drama.

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