Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Drama Actors

Korean dramas are popular for a few very good reasons. Not only the male and female actors are both very good looking, the script are very well - written. As years go by, they come out with refreshing ideas and plots, never ceases to satisfy the Korean drama fans' appetite.

Top ten gorgeous looking drama actors that drive the Korean drama fan crazy are :

Jang Geuk Suk has starred in Korean drama such as "Love Rain", "Mary Stayed Out All Night", "He is Beautiful", "Beethoven's Virus", among the popular k-dramas.  His long hair look was shown in "Mary Stayed Out All Night", where he portrayed the role of Indie rock star. 

 Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk (Jang Keun-Suk) - A Talented Korean Actor

A hardworking and talented Korean artist, who can speak Japanese, Englisgh, Jang Geun Suk has won many awards across Asia – Japan, Taiwan, and China, for his acting and singing. Here is an autobiography of him.

Jang Jeun Suk

Lee Min Ho, with height of 1.85m, is tall and good looking. His roles in drama, "Boys Before Flowers", "City Hunter", "Personal Preferences" were very well received by his fans :
Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Kim Bum gained his popularity since his role in "Boys Before Flowers", a korean drama series in 2008.  Later, he starred in "Women Who Still Want To Marry", where as a 24-year old university student and a famous singer, he fell romantically in love with a Reporter of 34 years old.  A very well written story that portrayed the women in their thirties who still want to get marry.  Kim Bum's role was truly hopelessly romantic in this drama.

 Kim Beum

Kim Bum

 Kim Hyun Joong drove all his fan crazy with his dramas such as "Mischievous Kiss" or "Playful Kiss", "Boys Before Flowers", etc.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

Seol Gong Chan was truly mesmerizing in his role in drama, "My Girl".  A very man-ly look Korean actor.

Seol Gong Chan

Seol Gong Chan

Han Jae Suk gave a really good act in drama, "Women of the Sun", where he played the role of a very intelligent professor. Bearing a manly and intelligent look, I think he deserves more challenging roles like, "City Hunter".

Han Jae Suk

Han Jae Suk

Hyun Bin acted in "Secret Garden", one of the most successful Korean Drama in 2010.

 Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin

Bae Yong Joon is not a young actor any more, but his role in "Winter Sonata" remained one of the best Korean drama ever existed and will be remembered for generation.  Later, he acted in "The Story of the First King's Four Gods" which was also very well received.

Bae Yong Jun

Bae Yong Joon

Kim Sung Soo did a few supporting roles in 10-star related drama series such as "Full House".  A really stunning looking actor, but his roles are often involved with tragedy, such as in the drama, "Bad Love".

Kim Sung Soo

Kim Sung Su

Rain, a Korean actor who managed to enter Hollywood.  His role in "Full House" won many recognition in Korean and outside Korea. 

Bi Rain



  1. Nice posts. They are all great korean actors.

  2. kim hyung joon should be no 1,i dont understand all the fuss about Jang Geun Suk n wat is lee min ho doing way down

    1. actually i like all three but i absolutely agree with this website it's just you have no taste in men

  3. jang geun suk deserve to be a number 1 to be a handsome in korea.,his face is totally perfect,he has a killer smile.,your always the number 1.,

    02.LEE MIN HO
    03.CHOI MIN HO

  5. Nice post!!! JANG KEUN SUK deserve to be no. 1!!! i LOVE jang geun suk so much, he's so very COOL and HANDSOME that could melt every woman's heart.. i like lee min ho as well and he's also my number 2..

  6. 1.Jang Geun Suk
    2.Hyun Bin
    3.Lee Min Ho

  7. Where is Park Si Hoo? He is currently being voted one of Asia's 10 most handsome. Your list is ridiculous if you don't include him.

  8. Jang Geun Suk is the best he deserves to be no.1. His eyes and serious facial expression melts my heart.

  9. it's must...
    1. lee dong wook ( seol gong chan)
    2. lee dong hae
    3. kim jae joong
    4. kim hyun joong. joong ki

  10. I think Cha Seung Won should be included... or maybe not... I think he belongs to "Gorgeous Korean Drama Actors" list.... hehe... ;p

  11. jang geun suk is the number 1 super agree!! why because he works so hard in all his dramas and he's rare for being a multi talented person he can act, dance, sing and he's perfect.. can't say a thing because HE HAS IT ALL!! and p.s lee joon gi , park si hoo, joo won and soong jong ki must be added in the list