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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (2010)

I totally enjoyed this drama. It is really funny and romantic at the same time. 

This romantic and comedy drama talks about three female friends in their mid-thirties, who are still not married, a bit similar to the American series, "Sex and the City", but minus out the sex. (Korean drama is seldom talking about sex anyway.) The first woman, a Korean-English translator Da-jung (Uhm Ji-won)  is desperate to find the right man and marry herself off, but she will not settle for anything less than the perfect man. She is miserable and frustrated over one wrong man after another. 

The second woman, a successful and attractive broadcast journalist Shin-young (Park Jin-hee) desires true love, but often finds herself torn between highly demand workload and relationship. After a few failed relationships, she has become pessimistic about committing herself to the right man. 

The third woman, Bu-ki (Wang Bit-na), is a gorgeous, sophisticated, confidence, successful restaurant consultant and owner. Bu-ki seems to have the answer to every question from the first two women. She is perfectly happy to remain single forever, after experiencing and breaking off a disappointed engagement. She doesn't believe in marriage any more, and finds happiness being single. 

Of all three women’s stories, the romance between the broadcast journalist Shin-young and Min-Jae (Kim Bum) is most romantic. Kim Bum's role was just so-so in "Boys Before Flower". Here in this drama, he really caught my attention. 

Kim Bum played the role of a college student and talented musician. He sings so well and is so good looking - a man of every girl’s dream. Shin-young and Min-Jae had a unfavourable first encounter, where Shin-young cuts his guitar string, when she finds him noisily disturbing. 

Then, the story continued where it started with a bet - Kim Bum bet with a friend that he could win Shin-young's heart. Out of Kim Bum's expectation, a game turned into true love. Kim Bum found himself falling for a women 12 years older than him, and she is not returning his love, as easily as other girls. His pursuance is so persistent and romantic. Shin-young was moved many times but could not believe how she could end up with a man twelve years younger than her. Several rejections from the pessimistic Shin-young did not make Min-Jae give up.

“My love for you is real,” says Min-jae to Shin-young. “Just because I’m young, that does not mean I do not know how to love or I love less.”

At one point, Shin-young decides to throw away all her concerns, and tells Min-jae, in whisper that he could barely hear:

At this point in my life, I love you… more than anything else in the world.

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